Consumable Resellers, MPS Dealers and Printer Service Companies

Many consumable resellers, stationers, MPS dealers and printer service companies benefit from our free recycling service which, in most of these partner sectors, also generates a revenue stream and invaluable customer goodwill.

Numerous consumable partners were faced with the conundrum of clients demanding an environmentally sound cartridge returns scheme but without having the skill sets or infrastructure to implement their customer wishes.

Office Green, being specialists in this sector, can implement a customer return scheme without cost, delay or inconvenience whilst also adding value to your business by providing free of charge collection boxes at your client sites nationwide.

Cartridges can either be collected on your behalf direct from your client’s sites or, if you prefer, you can organise the return of these cartridges yourself and Office Green will collect from one central location.

Office Green does not sell finished product, just empty cartridges, so we will never be competition or have conflict with your own business.

Office Green v OEM

The OEM Office Green
Why offer the service? The OEM’s undoubtedly offer a sound recycling solution in accordance with their legislative obligations but it is more an enforced service than a chosen service. At Office Green this is our business, this is all we do and we want to do it! We have not been made to do it and therefore we will do our best to do it well.
What happens to the cartridges? Cartridges collected are destined for traditional raw material recycling. Cartridges collected are nearly all used for reuse rather than raw material recycling. This generates a smaller carbon footprint and is better for the environment.
Can all types of cartridges be returned to the one place? No, each OEM will, understandably, only accept back their own cartridges so client sites with multiple manufacturer platforms will have to segregate cartridge returns to the appropriate OEM. Yes by using Office Green your clients can mix all OEM types together and return all to one place.
Can we be paid for the empty cartridges? No! Yes!
Will all OEM’s provide a Waste Transfer Note for cartridges returned? No! Yes, we will even provide a Waste Transfer Note for our freepost return schemes.

Payment options

Our service is normally provided free of charge depending on the usage profile of your customer sites and generally returns you a revenue stream giving you some intriguing options.

  • Revenue for you – offer your customers a free collection service of these products whilst you are remunerated by Office Green for point listed product.
  • Customer payment – earn valued goodwill from your clients by putting in place Office Green’s free recycling service and allow them to collect points for their own benefit.
  • Charity donation – great for your business CSR and PR, implement Office Green’s collection programs into your client sites and have any proceeds go to one of our supported charities.
  • No cost – even if we can not return revenue we can generally offer our services free of charge.

Co-branded collection boxes

If you have a large number of customer collection sites we can also offer bespoke co-branded boxes which would also include your own name and logo. Office Green would again provide these boxes free of charge for ongoing swap outs although there would be a one off charge for the print stereo and artwork.

Unused cartridges

Any unused/new cartridges of varying condition (i.e. open bag, tatty box etc) also received from customer sites can also be included or if large quantities are available, a bespoke bid can be offered.


We provide Waste Transfer Notes for each collection and Waste Carrier Licences of either ourselves or our contracted courier or haulier.

Office Green – minimizing the cost and impact of waste