Mobile Phone Recycling

In the early 1990’s Office Green started out collecting and recycling toner and inkjet cartridges at about the same time as the 'brick' mobile phones began to proliferate amongst the fortunate and famous.

Fast forward two decades and the brick phones are long gone and mobiles and now not the exclusive preserve of the minority.

This stagering growth in ownership and constant temptation to upgrade to a shiny new mobile has led to a huge glut of old mobiles forgotten and buried in the back of old drawers. Like most technological items the use and value of these mobiles diminishes by the day until, at some point, they are unceremoniously put in the bin and consigned to landfill where their toxic contents are left to seep into our natural environment.

Send any mobile for reuse

While other companies have complicated rules for returning redundant mobiles because they do not want to say they really only take the good one’s, Office Green have the simplest and most recycling focused scheme.

Our collection program enables you to send ALL your mobiles and smartphones back (not just the good ones), so as to ensure that you comply with your own Duty of Care as well as offering you a variety of ways to be paid.

Better still is that we are not affiliated to any network or reseller so we will not try and sell you another mobile back, that’s a promise!

You can see on our monthly updated points list what your mobile is worth.

Send your mobiles with your toner and inkjet cartridges

Your mobile phones can also be included with our toner and inkjet cartridge recycling programs, enabling you to consolidate your recycling, minimize the number of recyclers you use and reduce your carbon footprint by having them collected together.

Donate you mobile to charity

Alternatively, some mobiles can be donated to our supported charities via our freepost returns program. Please visit our charity bag section for more details.

Office Green – from mobile collection to environmental protection