Waste Collectors

The variety and diversity of waste produced by business and organisations makes collecting and segregating all waste types not only virtually impossible but also economically unviable.

Office Green can add value to your business services by providing free of charge site collection boxes for used toner cartridges and mobile phones at your client sites, nationwide.

Our collection boxes enable these waste streams to be segregated at source from general waste at source and therefore avoid landfill in line with our zero to landfill policy.

Our service is normally provided free of charge depending on the usage profile of your customer sites and generally creates you a revenue stream giving you some intriguing options.

Payment options

  • Double payment - charge your customers for taking away these products as you would with their general waste whilst also receiving a payment from Office Green for those items of value!
  • Single payment – offer your customers a free collection service of these products whilst being remunerated by Office Green.
  • Customer payment – earn valued goodwill from your clients by putting in place Office Green's free recycling service and allow them to collect points for their own benefit.
  • Charity donation – great for your business CSR and PR. Implement Office Green's collection programs into your client sites and have any proceeds go to one of our supported charities.
  • No cost – even if we cannot return revenue for you we can generally offer our services free of charge which in turn saves your own collection and landfill charges.

Co-branded collection boxes

If you have a large number of customer collection sites we can also offer bespoke co-branded boxes which would also include your own name and logo. Office Green would again provide these boxes free of charge for ongoing swap outs although there would be a one off charge for the print stereo and artwork.

Do you operate HWRCs?

If you operate Household Waste Recycling Centre’s, our collection boxes enable cartridges and mobile phones to be segregated onsite and once full to be collected free of charge with any proceeds being returned to a central account and an audit trail as to where they came from.


We provide Waste Transfer Notes for each collection and Waste Carrier Licences of either ourselves or our contracted courier or haulier.

Office Green – minimizing the cost and impact of waste