Education and PTAs

Collecting used printer cartridges and mobile phones has become an important revenue stream and recycling imitative for thousands of schools and Parent Teacher Associations.

Office Green prides itself in its partnerships with Schools, Universities and PTAs, helping them not only raise valuable funds but also in having a positive effect on the environment.

We offer a nationwide collection scheme to the education sector and free collection boxes to promote and stimulate recycling. Many school offices, student unions and dedicated parents act as centralised collection points to enable pupils and students to also bring in their cartridges and mobiles from home.

Free of charge or revenue generating

All our participating education partners enjoy either free of charge recycling or better still are revenue generating.

Cartridges and mobiles collected by Office Green are destined for reuse and therefore lessen the impact of your own activities on the environment.

Extending recycling to staff and pupils at home

We also offer a freepost return program for inkjet cartridges and mobile phones.

This can be as simple as including our freepost returns address in newsletters, e-shots and school magazines, to making available bespoke Office Green freepost bags at strategic locations.

This serves as, not only a great fundraising opportunity but also, a brilliant way to introduce recycling and caring for the environment in a way which can be understood.

Eco Schools

Cartridge and mobile phone recycling is also a great way to boost your Eco Schools credentials and to educate pupils about recycling through products they use and understand.

Office Green – minimizing the cost and impact of waste