Charity Bags

You can use our free and simple Freepost returns scheme if you only have inkjet cartridges or mobiles phones to return and you would like to donate them to our supported charities. Please ensure all inkjets are original cartridges and that they have not been previously recycled.

  1. Firstly check that your inkjets or mobiles are of value to the charities using our simple charity bag checker below.
  2. If they do have value then please send a minimum of two inkjets at a time if with a mobile phone, or four inkjets if on their own.
  3. If only sending a mobile then some models cannot be sent on their own as indicated by the bag checker below.
  4. Please wrap the cartridges and mobiles with something to prevent damage in the post.
  5. Please do not send chargers or SIM cards with any mobiles and do not include cordless phones, pagers or any other accessories.

Please do not send any laser cartridges or anything bulky via our Freepost returns program, instead please call our collections team on 01908 635330 who will be able to advise you further.

Once you have ensured that you have cartridges or phones that are suitable to return, simply put them in an envelope and post them free of charge to:

Office Green Charity Returns
RG30 6BX

On behalf of our charity partners we thank you for choosing to recycle with Office Green and your donation will make a difference, as by all giving a little, collectively we can give a lot.

Office Green, enabling charity and the environment to work together for a greener and better world

Inkjet and Mobile Phone Checker