Carbon Footprint

At Office Green we do all we can to minimise the effect that our collection activities have on the environment.

In 2009 we reorganised our collection schedules to prioritise reducing our carbon footprint over speed. Whilst we appreciate that there has to be a balance we are very pleased with the response of our clients who have supported us wholeheartedly.

In 2014 we replaced our fleet of vans with lower emission and more economical vehicles, yet that at the same time had vastly increased payloads and cubic carrying capacities, resulting in a further reduction in the carbon footprint of our collection programs.

What can you do to help us further?

  • If your collection is not urgent and does not need to be collected next day but could be collected over the next few days, this does help us maximise the efficiency of our vehicle routing.
  • Please collect and store as many cartridges as you can before booking your collection, as to collect fifty cartridges once a month, is more efficient than collecting twenty-five cartridges fortnightly.
  • Re-pack your cartridges back in to their original boxes rather than use our collection boxes.
  • If you do use our collection boxes and they are in non-customer facing environments (i.e. post rooms, loading bays etc) please ask us for used collections boxes. These used boxes are still clean and strong but may have tape or writing on them from previous collections.
  • When you want more collection boxes please tell our customer services team at the time of booking your collection so that they can be dropped off at the same time as we make the collection rather than making a separate delivery.
  • If we collect pallets from you, please build them to about 2m high so that you make each pallet space count.
  • Make sure we have your email address so that we do not need to post documents to you.
  • Carry on using our recycling services! A study in June 2010 by leading printer manufacturer Lexmark has shown a cartridges carbon footprint can be reduced by up to 60% if it is recycled instead of sent to landfill.

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