New Unused Cartridges

Most users at some stage, change their laser or inkjet printers, photocopiers or fax machines and are left with various new consumables that are no longer required.

Office Green are able to collect these unused cartridges and place them into secondary channels ensuring they are used as intended and not destined for landfill.

If you only have the odd unused cartridge then please simply return them with your empty cartridges or mobile phones where you will earn points for them.

If you have a quantity of unused cartridges then please complete our online form below, download our faxback/email form or email us with a list and we will be happy to quote you for them.

If emailing a list and not using one of our forms, please detail the following information along with the quantity and your own details:

  • Manufacturer – i.e. Brother, HP etc
  • Cartridge reference - i.e. TN2110, CC364X etc
  • Condition – i.e. New and originally sealed, tatty box, damaged box, open box, open bag etc

Please email this information to for an instant quote.

Online Quote Form

Unused Cartridge Details

To list your unused cartridges, please enter the details in the box below then click the Add To List button after each cartridge type. Once your list is complete, simply enter your contact details and click Send for an instant quote. A copy of your list will be sent to your email address too.

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