Zero to Landfill

In the UK, Section 34, of The Environmental Protection Act 1990 “imposes a duty of care on persons concerned with controlled waste”. In short the Duty of Care says that you must take all reasonable steps to keep your waste safe and that if you give your waste to someone, that you need to be sure that they are authorised to take it.

Whilst all the large reputable waste collectors are, without question, licensed and authorised to collect your ‘waste’ (i.e. used cartridges), none are specialists like Office Green, in the processing of used cartridges, WEEE and mobile phones.

What that means is that the cartridges, WEEE or handsets they collect are inevitably mixed in with your general rubbish and end up in landfill.

Whilst that does not mean that either you or the reputable licensed waste collector have done anything illegal, it could perhaps be described as immoral given the greener solutions that Office Green can provide.

At Office Green we are passionate about what we do which is enforced by our 'zero to landfill' initiative. Please join us and say NO to landfill by signing up or contact us now for further information.

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