Charities and Fundraisers

Collecting used printer cartridges and mobile phones has become important way for charities, voluntary groups, associations, churches, Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and Guides to raise much needed funds.

Office Green prides itself in its partnerships with fundraisers and does all it can to help you raise as much as you can in the quickest and simplest way possible.

We offer a free nationwide collection scheme to fundraisers.

How best to raise money

  • Create Partnerships with local businesses and have them save their used cartridges and mobile phones. Office Green can then collect directly from these businesses but with the proceeds from the collection being payable to you.
  • If you send newsletters or e-shots feature Office Green's freepost details in them so as donors can send their inkjets and mobiles directly to us.
  • If you have a large membership that you send postal mailings to regularly, we may be able to provide bespoke freepost bags branded in your own name to include in your mailings.
  • Feature Office Green on your website so that anyone visiting can see how to help you raise money and recycle.
  • If you have shops put an Office Green poster in your window and a collection box by your counter so that all visitors know where to bring their cartridges and mobiles to.
  • Tell everybody you meet how recycling can generate cash and help the environment.
  • Use the power of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to tell everybody about fundraising and recycling with Office Green.

Raising money through cartridge and mobile recycling really does work and costs you nothing so start doing it today!

If you are interested in becoming one of our featured charities please contact us.

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