Recycling Made Easy

We operate a points system where every phone has a points value on our monthly points list.

If you have toner cartridges to return with your mobiles then we can provide collection boxes for you to put them all in which we will then come and collect free of charge (subject to a minimum collection criteria).

If you just have mobiles or mobiles and inkjet cartridges to return you may be able to use our charity bag freepost return program to send them to us if you wish to donate them.

Alternatively, if you have just mobiles to return that have good value and you do not wish to donate them, please contact us and we will be able to advise a secure method for them to be sent to us.

Simple statements

After each collection you will receive an itemised collection statement and a claim form for you to redeem your points for either single or multiple collections.

If you do not send a minimum of ten points listed mobiles and/or cartridges, or do include more than 10% ‘waste’ with your collection, then unfortunately you will not earn any points for the entire collection.

Reuse over Recycling

It is important to note that mobiles have most value for re-use over and above traditional raw material recycling. This means it is preferable that they are received at our recycling processing centre undamaged and fit for purpose, so please package them well.

Bespoke packaging aids

To see all the packaging items we offer please visit the packaging aids section of our site.

Get started!

To start earning and recycling with Office Green please sign up or contact us now. If you just have inkjets or mobiles phones that you would like to donate to one of our supported charities there is no need to register, please visit our charity bag section for more information.

Office Green – recycling made simple