January's Featured Charity

January's Featured Charity 1 January 2018

January's featured charity is PDSA who care for vulnerable the sick and injured animals across the UK.

In November 1917 a woman called Maria Dickin set up the first pet hospital amidst the poverty and chaos of World War 1.

One hundred years later the PDSA is the UK’s leading pet wellbeing charity. 48 pet hospitals,have been set up over the UK, committed to helping the country’s most vulnerable pets. In that time it has provided 100 million treatments to 20 million family pets – supporting hard-pressed households throughout the land.

Without Government funding, the charity’s hospitals now see more than 5,000 pets every day. Dedicated vet teams treat illness and injury and even help prevent pets getting sick in the first place. They also educate owners and the wider public, to help their beloved pets stay well and happy.