February's Featured Charity

February's Featured Charity 1 February 2012

Office Green's featured charity for February is the SOS Children 'World Orphan Week, a very special charity that helps orphaned children.

It is estimated that there are more than 132 million children worldwide who have been orphaned by disaster, disease or poverty, or abandoned on the streets by their parents.

The goal during World Orphan Week 2012 (6 - 12 February) is to highlight their plight and help give more children a mother, a home, and a family for life

By taking part in World Orphan Week 2012, you can make a real difference to the lives of orphaned and abandoned children.

World Orphan Week 2012 is a time to remember and reach out to all those children throughout the world who do not have a family that nurtures and gives them a sense of belonging.

The money raised through World Orphan Week will help SOS Children in their work to give orphaned and abandoned children a family for life and a loving home, as well as in supporting vulnerable families in their local communities.

For more information on this great charity please visit www.worldorphanweek.org