Collection Criteria for printer cartridges and mobile phones

  • Within most of mainland England, Scotland and Wales, we will collect toner cartridges, inkjet cartridges and mobile phones for FREE providing you have a minimum of 10 items from the current points list (available from our Home Page) within the collection.
  • Collection criteria for Northern Ireland is dependent on individual requirements and this will generally mean a higher minimum criteria.
  • Office Green reserve the right to make a charge of £25 for up to 30 kilos (£1 per kilo over 30 kilos) for collections not meeting the minimum criteria.
  • Office Green does not accept toner bottles, toner kits or ribbons. In excess of 10% of these items will result in a zero collection value.

Collection via an Office Green driver or courier

To arrange a collection call 01908 635330 and a Collections Advisor will give you an Order Number and instructions.

Packing Instructions

Under no circumstances can toner cartridges be collected loose. They should be collected:

  • In original boxes (two in original box where possible) and
    • a) Packed into Office Green boxes or other large boxes
    • b) Bundled together in 4's or 6's
    • c) Palletised to a minimum of 1.9 meters high or a minimum of 8 Office Green boxes

Items for collection should be kept in a convenient place i.e. reception or goods out so that the courier can collect them with ease.

Using your own courier

If using your own courier you must first obtain an order number from a Collections Advisor by calling 01908 635330 or emailing

You will then be given the address of the Office Green recycling centre that your goods should be sent to, along with a unique collections number to write on the boxes and to be able to track your consignment by.