Points and Payments


  • Each point for a toner cartridge and fuser is worth £0.75
  • Each point for an inkjet cartridge is worth £0.35
  • Office Green points values are reviewed monthly
  • Values quoted assume that:
    • Printer cartridges and fusers are original and undamaged
    • Mobile phones are in good condition, working order and include a battery
  • If you have large quantities of unused items, please call for a quotation on 0870 50 20 50 or download our faxback form.
  • You will receive a points confirmation form for each collection showing quantity of items and subsequent value

Claiming Points

  • The Minimum value of points that can be claimed is £10
  • Points must be claimed within 6 months of date of points confirmation form
  • Points values are inclusive of VAT
  • If you are VAT registered, you must supply a VAT invoice to Office Green. The points value is inclusive of VAT. Invoices will only be accepted with a completed claim form

Payment Terms

  • 30 days month end from receipt of completed collection claim form and/or VAT invoice
  • Receipt of invoice and/or completed collection claim form constitutes acceptance of Office Green’s payment terms. No other payment terms will be accepted by Office Green

The Beneficiary

  • In order to qualify for a free collection you must meet the minimum collection criteria. The collection must contain less than 10% waste items to be eligible for payment. The value of your collection can be paid to:
    • 1) your organisation
    • 2) your nominated charity
    • 3) a nominated Office Green charity (payments are made direct to Office Green charities)
    • 4) with Marks & Spencer's vouchers